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A report on the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 19 – 21 November 2019, Barcelona. Spain

“People are starting to realize that the last decades of development have lead to unhealthy and unhappy ways of living. And technology has to help us transform this from the local level – not from a high-tech perspective.” – Emilia Sáiz, Secretary General United Cities and Local Governments.


SAI Enterprises was at the 9th edition of Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 held in Barcelona, Spain The premier smart city event had over 24,000 attendees, 700+ cities, 1,010 exhibitors, 400+ speakers and 146 countries represented besides 90+ side events. This made three days of knowledge building, business and networking with cities and stakeholders committed to building a better urban future.

Read our report on the event, United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, World Smart City Awards and find out how SAI Enterprises can help you


As the world’s leading event for cities, Smart City Expo World Congress provided a unique meeting point for the whole smart city ecosystem. Corporate leaders, public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from 146 countries came together to learn from each other, share experiences, talk about best practices, and open new paths for collaboration. As said by the event organisers, a city is not gauged by its infrastructures, its skin, its digital aesthetics, but by the height of its vision to respond to the needs of all citizens, without leaving anybody behind.

This year the event themes were based on tracks that aligned on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The Digital Transformation track included The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies which is the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work.

Innovations at the expo included smart parking solutions that guide residents and visitors to available parking spaces thereby reducing traffic and carbon emissions while also helping cities to have more efficient monitoring and enforcement of parking regulations. Smart waste management allows efficient collection of waste saving cities money through better route planning and collection of waste and linking with waste reduction strategies.

We were impressed by the progress made by intelligent edge artificial intelligence based networks

and various deployments of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) IoT through the LoRaWAN® open standard. These networks will play a crucial part in enabling smart cities. Smart lighting solutions can help cities make significant savings from their energy budgets while also reducing their environmental impact.

Smart asset management solutions will help cities keep track of static and movable assets and intelligently mange data emanating from all their connected devices to help cities deliver their services efficiently. There were a lot of mobility solutions on micro mobility, connected electric vehicles and the electric vehicle infrastructure that needs to be established to enable the future of Mobility-as-a-Service  (MaaS)_


Smart Cities and technology

Smart cities applications are making an impact in public services, environmental sustainability, parking and mobility, and liveability. To fully benefit from these services, an end-to-end approach is needed combining applications, connectivity and platforms. Even if cities understand the benefit of developing new smart city services the answers to the questions of where to focus first to generate a significant and measurable impact and how to go there without creating silos are still often unclear. We can help you develop and deploy such new smart city services that will firmly put your city on the path to become more sustainable, efficient and attractive.

Successful smart cities must incorporate shared, secure and scalable services and infrastructure that enables a smarter, safer and more sustainable city development.


“Any urban policy that we develop should be driven by data analytics.”

– Sameh Wahba, World Bank


Let SAI Enterprises help you

SAI Enterprises is working with a variety of technology partners to bring you end-to-end solutions for Smart Cities. We believe that more attractive, resilient, connected and sustainable cities will thrive only when they are able to draw from themselves what they need to be fit for the future. We do this by creating custom solutions to suit your unique needs by combining devices, artificial intelligence, advanced analytic tools, data network and cyber security to solve you business and community-based issues. Through this we can help you speed up the deployment of innovative smart city services; experience a positive economic impact, as the deployment of these services reduces your costs and environmental impact while increasing your city’s attractiveness by providing citizens and visitors with services that improve their quality of life.

Our Smart City Solutions

  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Citywide Network
  • Smart Environmental Solutions
  • Smart Asset Management
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Smart Street Lighting

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